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lou: your comments now, on facebook, paul wrote and said, the president should have rated imself as absenc absent. good night from new york. neil: welcome everyone. from charlotte, north carolina. it is already very loud, we have another 3 hours to go, if it is already this deafening, a party is going on. you have great singers. i have to give the edge to democrats on rocking a little bit more than the republicans,
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but that is just me. all this ahead of speech tonig tonight, more to the point let by gones or whatever perceived by gones are out there begun. and sing the praises of a ticket that calls for raising taxes on upper income. probably say it worked for me then, it can work now, peter barons on the floor. reporter: i am here behind nebraska delegation. it appears that big dog in chief, bill clinton will channel barack obama in his speech. we have excerpts from the campaign, here is one paragraph, the most important question is, what kind of country do you want to live in?
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if you want a you are -- your own winner-take-all society, you should support the republican ticket. if you want a country of shared proprosperity and shared responsibility, and we're in this together society you should vote for barack obama and joe biden, that sounds like a speech written by the obama campaign, that is not by accident, the campaign wants to make similarities to bill clinton's presidency, and aides point out that bill clinton worked on health care reform and student loan programs like president obama. the pitch sounds like, if you vote for barack obama you are probably may get bill clinton. neil? >> man oh, man, all right, peetser thank you. very loud music in here. every time i heard peter say something, i heard -- praise jesus, after, so, either that is the magic of his commentary or my next guest, congressman luis
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gutierrez from illinois, he joined me last week, he is on home field now. now. >> welcome. neil: have you had any sleep in. >> no, we are getting people organized. today i have a wonderful young lady, she is undocumented, some call her illegal, she has a letter from homeland security saying we want your fingerprints we want your work permit if you pass the screening. neil: in arizona, they are checking, this is still a legal mess what do you make? >> i think that -- we're talking about the law in arizona. neil: just arizona. >> here is what i say, what the supreme court said, is we --
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they said to three-quarters of the law we can't do it. but the others we have to check for racial profiling. neil: we were talking about how united both parties are. if you think about it. to their vision, republicans are embracing business, and enough of government spending. you here are saying, you know government spending has done a lot of good, we are embracing that. each true to your perspective positions. unlike almost any other campaign year i could think of. what do you think that means ? >> i would try to answer this way, i think honestly, part is transparency, saying what you to and believe in. not trying to be one thing to a group then another group of people. one thing that angers me a little bit about democratic party and politicians in
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general. they like to be very latino, and our friends, as long as there are only rodriguezs and gutierrezs in the room to hear it. neil: you think it is just a game? >> it is real when the president stands up for immigrants, and republican platform said you should self deport, those are two clear visions for immigration. neil: okay, so you are latino. >> i think that is clear. but, my point, there is a lot of time they usu as sugar coating to take a picture. we're telling america we're for immigrantses we want to help them. i am saying that democratic party embraces and shows and proud of that relationship. neil: got you. congressman, get some rest.
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good seeing you. >> good seeing you. i will see you on the repeat later on. neil: there you go. congressman has always been very gracgracious with his time. our next guest, is patrick. you have seen every former bill clinton cabinet member, we're not unable to get the big names, but a lot of time, their po pr people blow us off, we put in a dozen requests, they say we'll get back to you, they don't mean a word. but i had to take matters in my own hand, i went to the floor, to go anything. his people -- up like the congressman, the governor's
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people, are not so hospitable. >> governor, do have you a minute to talk to us? >> i have to fly. >> you are getting good reaction. >> thank you. neil: did you expect the reception. >> i expect a lot of enthusiasm. i'm trying to say we have to be about our values, central american values, stand up for that and we win. neil: you said party should embrace what it stands for not duck away, do you think that message resonated. >> i don't think i said that. neil: that backbone comment, a lot of delegates said it did. do you think it did? >> i hope so. neil: you feel good?
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-- i think that went very well, how about you. this is the magic that i have in this room. last week with paul ryan the same deal. if these big wigs don't come to me, i will come to them, that exchange with the governor lasted 45 seconds longer, one solid minute of in your face, with the powerful massachusets governor, you can thank me later for that breaking news. the wire services were going nuts. enough about me, back to this convention, and the guests who avid me, but not this next fellow, hard levine, family dollar ceo, why are you here? is barack obama your candidate. >> well, i live in charlotte. i'm respectful of barack obama, i have my own political leanings, which i will keep to
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myself for toward. neil: but you are here? >> i am here. neil: not showing you are partial to barack obama. >> no. neil: but you are not divulging who you are voting for. >> no. neil: i look at break down of the people speaking, i don't know if this and i connecting science. a lot more business-types at the cnn canrepublican convention. is this a friendly party to business? >> being -- >> democratic party is friendly to business? >> there are some that are. there are others that do not understand a business, what it means how we create jobs for a lot of folks, you know, family dollar, services a lot of
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low-income value conscious consumers. we want to watch out for them and take care of them. we create a lot of jobs. neil: you would thrive in a slow economic environment, people gravitate to you. >> i would describe it this way, family dollar has been a good investment in tough times and a good investment when times get better. no question, we're in tough times now. our customers are struggling, they look to us for the values on things they use every day. the only piece of our business today that is struggling are more discretionary areas like apparel and home categories. but our basic consumable business is very strong. we would like to see a stronger economy and have more jobs to see more of those discretionary sales, but we have a great model and a great time and very
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fortunate to be where we are. neil: charlotte is one of those crossroad cities, a big corporate town, with wachovia, and bank of america, and your presence, and on and on. but, things have turned south. we have a 10% unemployment, there about. the state not doing a lot better. without getting political about it, do you think this state is in trouble? >> no, i think -- you know i am a charlotte native, i have lived here all my life. neil: you have seen a lot of change. >> i have seen not only north carolina but charlotte has also done a fantastic job in growing. i do not worry about charlotte, it is a great place, people want to live here could and be here, i think charlotte will more than hold its own. neil: what do you think of the president rescheduling his stadium speech tomorrow night for in this room? >> i think he did it because of
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the weather conditions, last night you saw the lightning storm. neil: you don't think it was because they could not fill the seats. >> i don't think so. neil: okay howard levine thank you very much. the family dollar big cheese. a company that thrived. and we have guests on the left and right, what is interesting is how each embraces their own dna, republicans say yeah we're a party of business, we're capitalists not ashamed. this week, democrats saying, we spend a lot of money, but we're damn proud of what we spend it on. we've seen fruits from our labor and tax dollars, each time comfortable in its own political skin, that is making roosevelt's grandson very happy. he is here, he is next, and only here, only next. more from charlotte, right after
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>> it would undermine fdr's new deal. neil: really amazing, more than 80 years since franklin roosevelt came on the stage. he command a lot of praising and story telling, people missing
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the man who harolded the end of the great depression. the family is an econnic name, an iconic be in of that family is joining me now, james roosevelt, jr., a great guest. grandson of former president. i apologize for the loud noise. they applied your dad's lot, and -- they are quoting your dad's lot and mitt romney, they say they have a lot in common with health plans do they? >> it is my granddad they are quoting. and so, we in massachusets have lived romneycare. you know, it works. >> the argument that mitt romney says that makes his different from this president has done is, it is efficient, it does not raise medicare. it is not a tax boondoggle, what
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do you say? >> obamacare is also official, does not raid medicare, and is not a tax boondoggle. romneycare is flexible and will be different in every state. neil: all right. the number two democrat in the house right now is talking. you know, there are a lot of unexpected developmented. a lot of jeannies in the bottle. >> so there is -- health care is not a simple subject, it is complicated. but obamacare closes the doughnut hole, seniors do not pay out of pocket for prescription drugs. neil: the real surprises are starting soon, the surtaxes and charges. >> not aware of any. neil: let me refresh you, assets
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over 250, you will be taxed, and have a medicare surtax, the goodies came first, how you pay for them come now. >> is very responsible, not like, what happened under george bush with prescription drug benefit. it has the pay fors, they compute out so people save money on preventive care, no copays on deductibles. neil: you say more pluses than minuses, so you see the doctors and surveys that are bummed out, about the patients concerned about how this transacts out. do you think much ado about nothing? >> they should talk to their colleagues in massachusets, who know its works it is scary at first it is complicated. once you know how it works it is successful. neil: as a roosevelt, let me ask you, does it trouble you on any level, we always talk about the good of government, butio one gets to there aring out the cost
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-- thrashing out the cost of doing that good am great examples of mother and father, brought up beautiful children say, thanks to health care the little girl was safe. but no one talks about the tax payers who are saddled with now picking up the 30 million uninsured. but no one is considerate of taxpayers, this is all wowed for those who get a benefit but not those paying for it. >> here we hear specifics. that we did not hear in tampa. neil: i have not heard anything about the debt, nothing. >> i have. neil: where? >> congressional budget analysis, that robitussi obamace produces the debt. neil: all right, i never heard. but it almost as if it was not even real. >> we know that we went from virtually no public -- at the
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end of clinton administration to 10 trillion debt to bush administration, and tax cuts for wealthy, tax cuts equal to 75 year in shortfall in social security. neil: wait, we had -- wait, we had 5 trillion in bush administration, you are right we brought to 10 trillion. you are right, a bipartisan problem. but, don't you think it is be industriesed here in this room -- addressed here this this room? >> i think it will is being addressed. neil: do have you another convention you are at? >> no. no, i do not have my own secret convention. neil: they are talking to you in and assuring you? >> i've been going here, at democratic convention we have a lot of forums and panels open to the public. neil: okay. your grand dad, if he came back and look add this it nomny, this tick spoticket, and debt, what e
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say. >> much of the same, to me, that is what barack obama has been doing building for the future not just for now. neil: you do your grandfather proud. have you no problem gets in restaurants with that name, do you. >> i don't use doctor. neil: i deserve that one, all right, thank you very much. very passionate about this from the beginning, long before people drew the connection with the name. well, we're still continuing this conference, you have nancy pelosi spoke earlier. and showcasing women. democrats very proud of that, very proud of a lot of themes that led to that, this party has to address issued that goes beyond the stage. i've been telling you a lot about what bill clinton has to
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do later this day. to sill the idea, for the recovery it is still a recovery, we're still creating jobs. we're still 29 months to a month after another of steady job growth, that is something that democrats are rallies around, a vague term, are you better off than you were 4 years ago? and it might have tripped up my next guest. but he and others have clarified their view, governor martin o'malley. many have said president at timber, she too modest for, that governor very good to have you. >> thank you. neil: i want to address, whether did you slip up on this, are you better off than 4 years ago? now you have said we are. >> well, idea i was expressing was that our country is doing better when we create jobs which we are now, rather than losing jobs when the bush recession
8:24 pm
came upon us. we're doing better, we had 29 mops in s in -- months in a rowf positive job correction in private sector, in our state we recovered 70% of the jobs we lost in bush recession, but we have more jobs to recover. especially if we get to net growth. neil: recession, you might be right, but, does it get old? do you think -- we know bush, and he is evil and all that. >> i am so tired of this recession, the aim of damage done -- amount of damage done by policies of bush administration, to our country, you -- i think you will hear president clinton speak about the huge task we have before us. many are expanding, we have 29 months in a row, private sector job creation -- >> if you want to say it is bush's fault that is fine.
8:25 pm
>> do you think it was not? >> there were a lot of hands in the pot, not like democrats were clueless coconspirators. >> i think that policies, that drove our nation into recession were policies that came to roost, with the bush administration and continued after. >> let's assume you are right -- here they go with bush again. >> look, most important issue is jobs, how do we create jobs. do we want to go back to the failed policies that george bush used. or what our parents and grandparents did. are we willing to invest in same levels in education, -- >> we don't have any money to invest. >> because, neil, we have chosen -- >> it is george bush. >> no, it is note, oh, yes. partly. mitt romney and paul ryan would double down on that.
8:26 pm
neil: this is my favorite point, when they do a video, like you are at epcot at disney. but i digress. your final take on this. do you think in light of polls that show 52 percent of americans think things are getting worse not better. and serious doubts about whether the stimulus of worth it? how does president obama -- president clinton address that in their remarks? what to they say? >> they have to address it by using the facts. >> such as? >> unemployment is down, job creation is up. we're moving forward. and not back. neil: you think go ahead and brag about it .3%. >> not brag, we have to acknowledge -- we have not -- this is what i tried to say the other day, before i became victim to the hated word splice.
8:27 pm
we have not recovered all we lost in bush recession but we're make progress. neil: did they get back to you from white house -- >> i do not know i said it because, i just in the rapid fire av the moment, i went to the second question of have we recovered all we lost in bush recession. we have to admit, no, we have not. some states have recovered more than others, but our whole nation needs to continue to move forward, the most important job we create is next one, there are still far too many people unemployed. how do we get them back to work? we do as our parents and grandparents dinstead of investing in bigger bank acounts for millionaire we invest in roads, bridges and infrastructure, and under pinning of our commerce, and every chamber of commerce i met
8:28 pm
believes we need to do more of. neil: you can make a compelling argument, would you run for president? >> i'm committed to help obama win reelection. neil: i heard people say you are looking good for 2016. >> that is very nice, i have not spent a lot of time thinking about it. i appreciate you bringing it up, everyone tweets my mom --o that. neil: he did deliver a powerful speech here. it did get the crowd moving, when we come back, richard bloomenthal from connecticut. when they talk about how tight this race is, it is not only in the swing states, richard bloomenthal after this. ♪
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neil: welcome back to the democratic national convention. the star of the evening willing bill clinton later tonight, i am told they are running about 15 minutes behind schedule. democrats are not as on time as republicans were. and we know bill clinton is not a slave to clocks, this could go late into the evening.
8:32 pm
if are they are running late, and you are ahead of bill clinton, it's not happening. put it on the internet. with me right now richard blumenthal, the fine senator for state of connecticut. he won a hard fought battle. how does connecticut look right now? >> i think it looks good for the democrats. as well for chris murphy. a democratic candidate for senate. neil: how is he polling. >> closely. neil: a lot of money. >> she has a lot of money, and will spend a lot of money. neil: you beat her. >> i did, she spent 50 million in a negative attack machine, i think that chris murphy has the kind of values and vision. and the record, record counts for something. neil: do you think that the senate has a got shot at
8:33 pm
changing. we've been playing with numbers, saying that even if you lose missouri. that is not such a sure thing, that poll today is dead even. what does that mean for you, and democrats and the hopes of a senate majority, it would give the republicans room to do a lot of things. >> first, what people in connecticut and i think the country want, is for us to work together. put aside the republican and democratic labels and rhetoric, and come together to reduce the debt and deficit. to raise revenue, it has to be a planned approach, and compromise, i think that is key word. neil: you can't do that. you just have proven, are incapable of doing it both sides. >> i'm new to the senate, i have not given up hope, maybe you have, you follow it closely 92 i'v.neil: i've seen it up close.
8:34 pm
reining in the gross is almost sack religious. so you are -- like two parties of held hostage to dogma. >> no, i think that things can change. they must change. and -- >> i know they must, but they are not. >> after the election, i really hope, having talked with my republican colleagues, that we will come together, maybe not all. because there are some extremists, maybe on both sides. but the mainstream of america is coming it for those common values, balance approach. reduce debt and deficit. cut spending. neil: you are first guy i talked to that volunteered to reduce debt and deficit, first guy who
8:35 pm
said volunteer, your colleagues cannot do that, it does not exist. >> well, i can not speak for my colleagues. neil: i can, none have. >> i believe in the end it must be a planned approach. and we have to have hope. i think with the turning point of this election, everyone knows this a continuing point. we recognize that we have challenges, in armed services, we need a more agile ground force and cut spending there. and we need to close some of the tax loopholes. neil: senator, one thing, we have all these things, at the end of the year, i say back up like planes in laguardia. tax, and payroll, and it all expires at the end of the year. what is your best projection,
8:36 pm
are they giving that a 3 month extension to work it out with a new president, the same president? >> what do you think? >> i believe if we have a democratic president there will be compromise. we need to reduce the debt and deficit. there may be extreme views. in particular on republican side. that say -- >> three month extension. is that it if you would guesstimate. >> i think we would have a real deal, i would hope. neil: thank you very much, senator for the state of connecticut richard blumenthal. all right, there are business-types here, not just exclusexclusive to republicans,o
8:37 pm
cofounder here as well, he came up with ordering things in bulk, when you go to costco, and you' hamburg irs, yo'hamburgers and t them 5,000 at a time, he is the guy, after this.
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neil: welcome back, to the show, there are businesses represented here, this is high account, not nearly number at the republican convention, that could just be the way it goes, business interest almost always tied to the republican party, not so the democratic party, that is not across the board. but i think this is kind of a general truth. but that does not mean that business interests are not represented, i caught up earlier with costco cofounder, a big barack obama supporter, he is proud to be here. your big night, are you nervous? >> a little apprehensive, i have an added problem with vision, reading a teleprompter is not easiest for me. neil: the teleprompter is tough to do.
8:41 pm
even when you have good vision. what is your message here. >> that i think that president obama has made things better since he has been president. neil: you have no doubt about that, all republicans say things are worse. >> that is a historical revisionists that are talking like that. in october and november 2008 things were grim. neil: do you think, that president answering, you are better off, in a debate, even though 52% of americans feel they are worse off. do you think that president is a good standing, sticking to that? >> i believe so, i believe all of us, including myself, have a 1tendency to focus more on recet history where things are at. i don't think that is consistent with the way americans feel,
8:42 pm
they want to see more progress. and president wants to see more progress, i think we're all working toward the same goal. neil: with the exception of you, not a lot of business is represented the here. on the speaking charts, a lot in republican convention last week, i don't know what that means. but what do you think it means ? >> means that different point of view. you know that is what make -- >> are you against a business frame with your point of view? >> i don't know that is the case. i think we are all looking for same types of things, for long-term growth, and develop our business in a positive approach. how we think we can get there is the difference in it. i think we have the same them, work for what is best for the nation, andnitional interest. neil: finally, how do capitalists come under question, saying it does not always to good. we heard from stapled founder
8:43 pm
last week in tampa it did him a lot of good, and a host of other companies good. some speakers originally urged president to dial back contribute sympathy of private capital. how do you stand on that? >> well, it is difficult for me to knock the system it has been good to me. but i think there are different ways to get there, there is been some abuses, we should be adult enough as a society to deal with those, and dial them down, as oooracle posed to -- opposed ona lot of rhetoric. neil: was it your idea at costco to have everyone in such a large size, if you want burgers you have to buy 5,000 of them, is that your idea? >> we want you to be very satisfied. neil: that was jim senegal.
8:44 pm
the costco cofounder. he came up with the idea of buying and selling in bulk you can still make money, he is right. a couple minutes ago, nancy pelosi was up there. i think we'll have to do a deval patrick with her. we have been bonding with these bing names, this is my way of saying, hello from fox, so you never know. we have senator kay haggan joining us right now. barack obama suddenly won very few people expected it, his closest margin, in states we won in this state. he barely -- but now not going his way.
8:45 pm
and he is trailing in this state, kay haggan, said it is not likely to las last. i will put this in perspective for her. we'll take a break. we're going to take a break, it's' long night.
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neil: welcome back, until now the democrats had this on time, i don't know how it happened. i can only imagine a couple of speakers were scooted town the bus, and told not to speak. republicans did the same thing. if you went a little long, they would sit you down to the bench. senator kay hagan here. she was among the rock stars, powerful women in congress in senate. senator from the fine state of north carolina. >> thank you, neil for being here in north carolina. neil: we mentioned how close it was for barack obama winning this state. high turned it blue by 14,000 votes, now polls show him trailing because north carolina is hurting, how badly? >> president obama will win north carolina come november. i think that convict right now will give him a boost, but this
8:50 pm
race will be close. it will be based on vote or turn out. and he is organized so many. people are energized. i will say we have about 75,000 people that are disappointed because they can't be in the stadium tomorrow night. neil: do you believe that reasons for that the weather or trouble getting the seats filled. >> we had all of those sitting filled -- seats filled. neil: what happened to those who were expecting to come, where do they go? >> well, that is the problem, tomorrow the president will call, all these people who had credentials can call, and listen to what the president has to say. you know they will hear directly from the president. neil: i do think that safety matters more, get out of the rain, threat of storms. >> it the lightning. -- it was the lightning, if you have 85,000 people in a stadium
8:51 pm
that is an issue. neil: and you don't' them gets wet, and metaphors that media would run with. we're horrible. you are more humid and hot here than tampa could be, but i digress. >> not all of the time. neil: it is a big beautiful ci city. charlotte looking close to 10% know employment. a lot of -- unemployment. but folks saying something bad is going on with america, this is not unique to charlotte, a lot of buying cities are hurt -- of the big cities are hurting. >> i think that cities and states, when i search for 10 years here in north carolina, we had a balanced budget. we had an over funded pention plan that not many states have today, we had a triple a credit
8:52 pm
rating and a rainy day fund, when hurricane floyd hit in 1999, we put $800 million into our state from a disaster situation. the largest amount of disaster funding that any state has done. you look at how the state has been governed, it has been governed in a good way. neil: do you think that the party risks getting too posey in supporting labor, not that there is anything wrong with supporting labor. but voters have tried to rein in public pension costs and health care costs even in a democratic city, san jose comes to mind, they said we can't keep doing this. >> i don't think they planned from an allocation standpoint what the cost of those expenses would be many years out, you have to pay for that on a continual basis. neil: that worked here. it might have hurt, i am sure
8:53 pm
you are telling me the truth. but i wonder about what we do now. a lot of states, tell their pensions to rein things in. >> i tell you, i think i would have to look at those individual states. it is a problem. i know some states have it in their constitution they get's certain percentage increase, they have to look at it and figure out how to pay. neil: thank you very much senator. we have a lot more coming up, what is going on in this business world. democrats have been arguing here, you know stick with us. better now than 4 years ago. the fact is, the numbers are going in our direction, and then some numbers that do not go in that direction. why the former ceo of intel craig barrett is worried, he said both parties better wake up fast. things are worrisome now, after
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♪ neil: all right. the scene right now in charlotte where there are all these filling up to bill clinton who will be speaking very shortly to
8:57 pm
this crowd. when bill clinton speaks the electrifies the crowd. they have these. don't hold me. and don't even know which one i was reading. the passion for the best speech bar none, you think that goes to? so far this convention, did you exactly three seconds. michele obama. i would agree with that. she is given the best speech. i would definitely agree with that. but there was one dude, the proper -- the prompter went out. i think he gets the sympathy vote, but i digress. we have presented joining us now, democratic representative from the fines to the minnesota. i was talking about how each state, it is a weird thing. i mean that in the highest regard. strong republican, strong democratic areas. jesse ventura. >> absolutely.
8:58 pm
neil: the bull's eye tight. that is usually not an easy democratic pickup, but the usual democratic pickup. should the president be worried? >> denise to be worry everywhere. as a matter of turnout. you have to get the people out. anybody who goes sicily on minnesota is making a big mistake. neil: i agree with that. the fact that republicans are contemplating some much, is that the expression? they're optimistic. michigan, michigan of all places represented with its ticket to the republican ticket opposing the bailout. competitive. and i'm wondering. wisconsin, ohio, you could be looking at it possibly. >> get together, and i don't think you're going to get all those. neil: if michigan, don't you think minnesota is more likely?
8:59 pm
>> very independent. minnesota and michigan, born in michigan, live in minnesota. they're different places, and i don't think necessarily -- neil: you don't think there's a consistency to it. >> not really. you know, at the end of the day, a very strong independent spirit in each one of the states. there are similarities, but they have a unique character. neil: you know, representative, it was not too long ago i was talking to a soothsayer this said, you know, in the end of a week or two before the election it could turn as it did in 1980 where the polls were dead even with jimmy carter and ronald reagan and it turned on the notion. we're sick of this. were sick of the lousy economic numbers. i'm not comparing the economy then to now, but they finally took a chance on the sky, reagan are you afraid that given the tightness of these numbers it would not take much for people to say despite the crowd here, barack obama the, been there,
9:00 pm
tried you, had enough >> because of worry about the prospect of working hard night and day to turn the base out, remind people of all the good things that he has done. i mean, they have been trying for nine years to get health care. now we have it. neil: you don't think, a lot of americans be -- >> the thing is, below the top line obamacare beckham of people like stuff in there. they like the fact, the condition issues. they like -- neil: now we have the representative. now, botox. >> here is the thing. it costs a lot of money in this debt is ." the bankruptcy, medical debt. we could not just keep it how it was. we have to have changed. and so a small business person. neil: i don't know if this was the answer. >> what do you mean? neil: is going to create more nightmares. >> there has never been a perfect bill. never been a perfect bill.
9:01 pm
neil: and not going to argue with you. you must be very powerful because you're not wearing a tie. ceos, and you're wearing ties. >> i admire all those guys. neil: is warming up fast. i told people. of getting worried. this is not good. pass it on behalf of his folks. his constituents. you know, that is the american way. but admire people's passion to look after the folks. peter barnes is looking out at a lot of folks on the floor of the convention hall. >> reporter: coming up in the next hour were going to have auto hour in a way. the former ceo of car max and the head of the united autoworkers. a special guest right now, a former chrysler executive who was at the company for 20 years, in the middle of the auto bailouts and finished up as the head of federal government relations. first off, what do you want to
9:02 pm
hear from bill clinton tonight? >> well, state relations, of federal relations. i am looking forward to hearing president clinton talk about the future. he always talked about building bridges when he was president, and this guy is the youngest old fart we have ever seen. he's going to talk about the future. is going to talk about how this of ministration and the administration's that followed need to build toward the america that we all wanted to be. fairness and with the middle-class is a focus. >> reporter: but barack obama, bill clinton,. >> barack obama is barack obama. he has debts of bill clinton in him. bits of john f. kennedy in him. bits of fdr in him. bits of lincoln in him. i think he is the kind of guy who we need to take out into the future with the kind of policies that this party has been working on for the last four years without much help from
9:03 pm
washington. >> reporter: last question, governor romney, the republican opponent says once again critical of the bailout. he didn't -- he says now he supports the bailouts, but he thinks they were implemented incorrectly. president obama moving more quickly on them. he would have saved the taxpayers $20 billion. you heard chrysler in the middle of it. >> these were investments in the american manufacturing and the american economy. and they were not bailouts. most of the money or a good part of the money has already been paid back. all of the lows of been paid back. the gm loans are paid back. a lot of it will be. so we need to be framed the debate a little bit. to the point, but mitt romney is saying now, he has pretzel's himself into some many different positions on this issue. it is almost unbelievable. his father was the president of american motors which was part of the of industry, and i think he would be rolling over his
9:04 pm
grave if he would see that his son is not taking the kind of position to save the jobs. we saved a million jobs. we are now on the path that the industry is growing. not only the jobs that were saved, the 21 percent of michigan's economy is driven by the auto industry. lots of states sitting around this auditorium. the same experience. 150,000 jobs added since the rescue. another 150 coming. 30 billion -- >> reporter: taxpayers are still down. >> 25 billion is the latest report. but if you look at how much taxes are paid, the people who are working, 25 billion a year is paid in taxes. the federal government alone. those numbers are great. and if the roi and keeping the of the industry's strong is well worth the investment. >> reporter: former head of state government relations at chrysler. thank you for joining us on fox
9:05 pm
business. back to you. neil: thank you. might have been a little disconcerting, but i did what he to take a peek at it. they just showed a small business video year. something like that, espousing what this president has done for small business. at a democratic convention. i'm not saying it's unprecedented, but it is a little bit unusual, and that is why we were juxtaposing that. i apologize if there was some confusion, but i think you know the just. what truck into electronic gump. a good friend of the show. he's been on this and many, many times. passionate about his ideals and ideas and like everything he is hearing year. i'm not surprised. he is a democrat from the fine city of new york. you like what you're hearing it. >> i love what i'm hearing. reenergize. michele obama head of home run last night. neil: i agree. that was the speech to beat. >> i think it's tough to beat
9:06 pm
her. great emotion. people understand that you could be the first family of a country but you still have the same problems as everybody else taking care of your kids, getting them to school and being a family unit. neil: make people relate to the more because they're still the president and first lady and they never have to deal with traffic. >> i guess they don't, but i think she was very human and i think the crux of promises was that we are just like you and understand the problems of the average folks. neil: the message i'm getting from a lot of democrats, not across the board to of the we don't like those guys that republicans like. we don't like the rich guys. the millionaires and billionaires. if i hear that expression one more time i think of going to vomit. we keep hearing it. it does not get all for you guys i know they love it. every time they hear it. but you have to speak to the nation. a lot.
9:07 pm
neil: what is happening in this country is really the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer and more middle-class are going into poverty. neil: tax the rich more. >> you need to us have more taxes for millionaires and billionaires. but. neil: sees a that is fair, but the fact that half the people saying -- paid no income tax. >> i think that -- those that can afford to should pay their fair share. those that cannot should not. but what i'm interested in is a fair break for the middle-class. democrats, we think you grow the economy by helping the middle-class and growing in out. our republican friends, the old trickle-down theory. you help people at the top and some of it trickles down. we don't happen to believe that it. neil: all the talking points. have you ever notice that? >> i just read from the heart. neil: all right.
9:08 pm
very good to see it. thank you. when we come back, man who electrifies this room. he knows how to whip up the fans and he did today. he's next. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner.
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♪ neil: you know, just remembered the last time we chatted with each other we were on the roof. you're absolutely right. where were we? across the street from the white house, i think. >> i don't remember. we were on our roof summer talking. neil: i'm very happy to have you. the head of the afl-cio. talk about a guy, ever consider
9:12 pm
running for office. he reminded me, and already president of the afl-cio. stupid question on my part, but he did a good job and it comes at a time when you're saying don't believe what the media is saying. that they do appear to be on defense, and they do appear to be in trouble. disavow any of that notion. >> first of all, i was shocked last week when i saw the platform of the republican party. it was the most anti-union, anti worker platform of any major party in the history of our country. i was shocked by yet because i no there are people in that party that don't believe things that are in that platform. we are under attack. we have been under attack for 30 years now. we lost manufacturing jobs. now they're starting to come back. that's good for us. good for the country. it doesn't surprise me. we have been in fights before, and we have done well and will come back again. neil: i had no idea that you were for barack obama.
9:13 pm
i would never know. [laughter] >> i had it well. neil: i'm curious. i mean, it is not just republicans who are having their beef with unions. you look at san jose and a number of cities, republicans at least, you're going to have to draw the benefits and a little bit because there is no more money in the till. announcing people are anti-union , but they are weary union. have you adjust that? >> first of all, there is a difference in how of a lot of the republican governors and democratic governors and mayors treated. look, when they're is a legitimate problem, when we have a shortfall, a shortcoming, unions have always stepped up to the plate and been willing to help. willing to do our fair share. take wisconsin. amen. a big tax cuts to corporations. now i have a deficit. you have to pay for it. our members said, we are willing to work with you.
9:14 pm
we are willing to work with you on health care, but that's not what it was about. neil: fail that throwing him out of office. >> i don't know. we took the senate back. he will be able to get those bills back. it. neil: a lot of money. >> he spent 75 million. neil: you're talking to me. >> go look at the records. your salary in a week is more than we spend. neil: no money involved. >> a little bit. neil: well, can i talk to generically all unions? a lot of money. >> it wasn't anywhere near. neil: does not use the same to your members. that wasn't me. >> i'm not saying that at all. what i'm saying is they spent $75 million in that space against us. we didn't spend 15 million. neil: what is going on here? if we are -- and again, but republican private unions, and you're right to point out.
9:15 pm
they're not doing enough. they're not throwing in enough. they're not competing enough. you saying enough is enough or that they look like to, of americans, selfish. the whole boeing thing. our right to work state. and then it looked like unions are trying to stop that. they suffered. >> look. do we do everything right? no. take a boeing. they came out. billing admitted to violating the law. they said, we're taking those jobs because you're a union. that is against the law. the law of the land is still be -- [talking over each other] the government will encourage. neil: i don't want to rehash it. what boeing did, stand in operation, new plant and a different state. the right to work state. they're free to do that.
9:16 pm
>> of course they are. neil: move jobs to punish somebody. >> the jobs are supposed to be there. neil: they violated the law. they openly violated it. normally hard to prove that. bolling admitted what they were doing. neil: i never heard them admitting. you're right. we could argue. what about the mood for democrats. there does seem to be a sense that i have done right now that one party is embracing capitalism and business and not afraid to admit it. this convention embracing spending and get that it has done, which is fine. but showing its own colors, and i guess americans will decide. >> first of all, not embracing capitalism because there are many kinds of capitalism. you and i both know that.
9:17 pm
neil: the republicans. >> that's exactly right. whenever you do this, like what mitt romney did, he would come in, take a healthy company, loaded down with debt, take his money and run and then bankrupt, take away pensions and bankruptcy. the wrong kind of capitalism. hold it. hold it. all the. hold it. he created more jobs that he destroyed. absolutely not. neil: it destroyed more jobs than the creative? >> absolutely. neil: it wasn't taxpayer capitol >> it wasn't as capital. that's like somebody right now coming into a corporation as the ceo after it's been built to a billion dollars and say my capital is at rest. neil: i'm going to put you down as a no apparently.
9:18 pm
let me ask you, making me wonder how would you distinguish the republican argument, but i do with private capital is private. this president is spending billions more, and it's your money. what does richard trumka said to that? >> if, in fact, you are creating jobs that is good. if you're spending money overseas, that's bad. here is, i think, our biggest challenge. it used to be that corporations had the same interest as our country, there were aligned. that is no longer true. corporations will do what is in their best interest, even if it is in the worst interest of the country. that is dangerous and that for every american, every last one of us. our job collectively is to try to realign those interests so that we can take on the world and we can beat the. i have no doubt. neil: i think you are a damn smart guy, and i think you're very good at math as well. i have seen some of the
9:19 pm
agreements to help foster. what i think you see is the reality of the world and will pay scales that are much lower in the united states cannot but you're fighting that reality. >> wait a second. neil: and you are anxious about the reality. you're trying to make the company's the evil guys simply because they cannot afford to pay your workers with their rates are when they get the same labor. >> that is nonsense, neil. neil: about -- >> just ask my mother. you can't. she passed away. she would have said that. the germans make higher wages than us. they're kicking your butts in the market. the scandinavia's make higher wages than us. the canadians, the brazilians. all of these people are keeping up with higher wages. it is not because they cannot do it and we can do it.
9:20 pm
neil: a lot of jobs support. >> no. no. they create more jobs at home. they don't lay people off. neil: now your just making stuff up. looked at me. you are. >> of tell you what, we'll do this. if i'm not telling the truth about germany i will give you my salary for a year. if i am, you give me your salary for a year. neil: done. >> five to one odds. neil: i am curious. the mood at the convention. i really am. the people of jazz. they got all groups, democratic groups. but do you think -- i know you don't want this to happen. the republicans win, do you think he had burned the right with a potential republican administration? >> come on. wait a second. after the platform they adopted last week i burned bridges with them? they burned every bridge with workers and organized labor that you could.
9:21 pm
neil: they say you have. >> i'm sure they do. >> i didn't put that end. i try to work. neil: why are you yelling in the? >> i'm not. if you have to deal with this, the future of the way republicans see it why did you become so sensitive? [talking over each other] neil: let me ask you, if you see the republican ticket when, now you're not planning. a close race. wouldn't it be a killer if this one in heavily union states and the late new. >> well, that's a lot going to happen. first of all. quite frankly -- look. i wish that i could support as many republicans as i do democrats. neil: how many republicans do you support? in other names? >> new jersey. the bunch of people. neil: 90% democrats? >> yes. neil: why?
9:22 pm
>> republicans to support us. let's get this platform adopted last week. they won the national right to work law. they want to do away with prevailing wages. neil: why are your numbers shrinking? >> we have been attacked for 30 years. neil: the way they allow people. you had a choice. you can keep paying these jews are not. >> that wasn't the vote. the vote was in ohio. the actual vote. neil: people had a choice. in a high of the vote was about will there be collective bargaining or there wouldn't be. 63 percent voted for collective bargaining. in wisconsin it was about to man . neil: but when people have the option. hang around. playbills. >> take my union. >> the one who want to a -- were they doing? >> my union, right to work states. 100 percent.
9:23 pm
absolutely not. neil: you might. you might to intimidate them, but not me. neil: you are very passionate. i will give you this. you, the montauk test, which is more than i can say a lot of your colleagues and i give you great credit. >> have me on again. and it will be on our roof. they say what he loves. neil: bill clinton got annoyed. >> you should know i'm not going to lower my voice. neil: now that i know you are for obama biden. maybe that. richard trumka. passions run high, but he does argue well on behalf of his folks. right now joining us. a former intel ceo. i don't know if you had a chance to listen to that, but what did you think of what mr. trump was saying? republicans just to not speak to
9:24 pm
our interest. >> well, i greatly enjoyed his comments. i do think he might have one or two of his facts wrong. batting your salary. i guess you would have to look and see what has happened in the marketplace. absolutely the unions vote has been taken in the private sector. the unions have lost. the only place unions are growing, but polls in the public sector. neil: trumka sees it as a battle for the average worker. masorah to do this. so hard to here, but do you think that that resonates? the democratic party will be seen as the party that represents the average joe, the average joann. republicans risk being the party of the big losses. >> well, there would like to frame it in that fashion, but,
9:25 pm
again, it is the unionized work force and the u.s. and the private sector, hard pressed to make that represent the other 90%. the only industries that are still unionized and maybe have a chance to be successful are companies like boeing and caterpillar. gm and chrysler should have gone bankrupt. the only people who benefited from those bankruptcies, the way they were handled, the union employees. neil: thank you very much. good having you, as always. under his watch becoming one of the largest companies in union history. think about that. it is remarkable. when we come back congressman taught a can of missouri getting his take on the rates that he is not giving upon. by the way, nothing's going to
9:26 pm
happen. the polls are even in missouri. breaking his left and right. you heard it here. richard trumka is for barack obama. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
9:27 pm
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♪ neil: all right. no shortage. this next gentlemen. my great friend. c'mon. they state their views. i hope they know i don't shut them bubble berate them. i don't think senator warner will put up with that. though it put me in a headlock and kill me. were not going to do that. senator mark warner joins me from the fines to the viejo. senator, you're one of those guys i described as trying to move the ball forward. you know, sometimes everyone sticks to principal. i tend to be pragmatic. let's get something. you are. the few republicans like that. but we are staring at this clip at the end of the year, nothing is getting done. with all the bush rates center and everything else, their art extension for three months or something to get us off this and of the runaway thing, what --
9:30 pm
>> kicking the can one more time. we may not even have a euro by the end of the year. america looks like it is not going to step up 20 to start. we may buy enough insurance. a two-step process. we end up going ahead and taking care of the sequestered. we make some strides towards entitlement reform in additional revenue and then give ourselves a little bit more time to finish it up, but if we simply extend everything i think were good. neil: i ask you teeseven see what you're saying, but what do you do, a temporary extension for everyone to get the proverbial ducks in order? one congressman highly regarded. i concede that three month extension after the election. we comment. bone. >> i was a business cover 20 years. we punted on this year ago. we punted on it with the super committee. then -- i hope not.
9:31 pm
my hope is that democrats and republicans alike realize we have to get out are a logical foxhole and get this done. that's all we get tired to do. neil: everyone is afraid that they lose their man had are woman had. if democrats spend on other slowing entitlements spending, they have lost the cause. if republicans want to get rid of special breaks and allowances , for tax increases. and then they retreat to their respective positions. >> respectfully we all want this economy to grow. there is nothing that is going to create more jobs and economic activity that is offered by either of the presidential candidates than a real debt reduction deal. it will do two things. it was an enormous signal across the market. the rest of the world is looking pretty messed up. we actually look pretty good in comparison african put it. neil: what does that tell you, senator? >> we ought to get ahead. the second thing, you and i know, a lot of economic to be a
9:32 pm
psychological. if we actually do our jobs and chukar democrat a republican hats the psychic value that would have for the whole country. the confidence. neil: you know, -- >> if we don't get it done. >> you never get it done. but i hope nothing more. and i hope nothing more than coming in, maybe it's time to be december 301st. you say you were absolutely -- >> i would always tell you center. you can call me mr. cavuto, but i'll always a senator. senator, i am curious about this. your state, a state barack obama, they see your work, helps , how does it look now? >> i think it is close. the president is ahead, but it's very close. there are three reasons, you know, why i think you will still win this election in virginia. one is we continue to get youngbear. a lot of young folks in the state.
9:33 pm
second, we continue to give more diverse. not just black and white. more looking like the rest of the country. and third, we have the highest concentration of military and military families in difference of any state in the country. four years ago we had an untested guy running against a certifiable war hero. now we have a president. criticizing on certain areas, but as a commander in chief, someone who honored its commitment in terms of getting in, bringing him down from afghanistan, took out of some of the lion, but his money where his mouth is on deference, this is the first time in more than a decade we have not come viejo guard deployed around the world. that's the category of folks that a lot of voters would give obama a chance. neil: thank you. good seeing you.
9:34 pm
respected in both parties. they do have them. few and far between. probably focusing on this missouri senate race. you might think he's in a heap of trouble. the latest polls, i know this is going to stay tuned. almost dead even. that's right. dead even. doing a little crowing today. >> what we are hearing is there is a tremendous grassroots level of support, not just in missouri, but across the whole nation because i think people have thought about this a little bit after the initial response, and they say, wait a minute. the people of missouri elected somebody. do we want party bosses appointing someone? and i think a whole lot of people are coming down on the side of, hey, an election is an election, and we don't want to accept a precedent that party bosses picked someone. from that point of you the support has been very strong. we get around the state and people are shaking hands.
9:35 pm
stay in there. be strong. you're going to win it. neil: nevertheless, when i talk to the likes of ryan and others, they send out another penny for you. no support for you. so they are not exactly rallying around you. >> well, if you are talking about money, we have been receiving some money in the office from people's contributions. lots and lots of them. kneele, if you want to help, we would love to have you on the bandwagon. neil: what would you do? is out of the question. i'm sorry. some of the question, you could still win this. in the issue comes up that i raised with senator mcconnell as to how you would then vote. would you be angry at republicans and not vote with them? would you be an independent? how would you vote? >> well, let me say this. i am deeply concerned about america. that is why i have been doing the things i have been doing for years.
9:36 pm
this is not all about me. this is about fixing an economy that is fundamentally broken. it is about people without jobs. it's about a government that is taking our freedom and it is out of control. we will work with anybody that wants to get america back on track and make sure that government is the servant and no longer the master. neil: he did not quite answer my question whether you would be accepted into the republican poll, whether you would recoil at that. what would you do? miss mcconnell would reach out to you. he was telling me when i was at the republican convention last week, congressman, he thinks he would vote with republicans. instead of in your dna anyway. i did not get the idea bygones be bygones, but he would see you as a republican senator helping what he hopes to be a republican majority. is that right. >> let me make it clear. i would do absolutely everything in my power to work with his team and the team that is going to try and put our economy and america back on track.
9:37 pm
i am fully behind him, and i am fully behind our great team of brian who i work with in the house and the entire republican platform. it is fine. i am on board with all that. neil: and you would not have any beef with the paul ryan he said he should step down, mitt romney he said he should step down, ms. mcconnell is a nuisance it down and on and on and on. you would not harbor any kind of a well? >> actually, i am pretty much of a person that forgive someone when i am asked to be -- somebody wants to be forgiven. as i said, it is not about me. it is about doing what is right for our country. you take a look at where we are issues wise. what a contrast. we had 71 percent of people in missouri but no on obamacare, and, of course, i voted to repeal it 30 times. she was a deciding vote to pass a obamacare. that is why this race is really going to be based on her voting
9:38 pm
record, and that is why money is not the whole thing. it is about how she voted. in the state of missouri i have an a from the national rifle association. she has enough. the economy and jobs are in the tank. people understand $16 trillion. are bachelor will have to pay. he did reach out to senator recast a. of springs eternal. i know you've answered this in various ways. to you believe ii becomes pregnant through rape , should she feel free to have an abortion? do you make a distinction for pregnancies in the event of rape?
9:39 pm
>> well, you know, what i have done is said all along and answered this question for a couple of weeks. i basically support the republican platform. you have to decide when lives begin. i have never apologized for being pro-life or understanding that life begins at conception. i'll tell you, claire is completely on the other side of the spectrum. she supports abortions all the way through the ninth month and even the partial birth abortion. she has not voted against that. so there is -- neil: i understand, sir. would you would be coming in that event. it doesn't matter the means by which someone becomes pregnant, whether through rape or consensual sex, that child should be carried to term. >> as i said, i believe life starts at conception. i don't apologize for that. that is the same platform as we have in the republican party.
9:40 pm
and so heavily that answers your question, neil. neil: all right. that is a stunning development. imagine if all this brouhaha, the controversial comments to make, he goes on to win that missouri seat, take it from a castle and help the republicans gain a majority in the united states senate. think about that. will he be burned? will you think about how republicans treated in? he says that he would. he says to you know, bygones are bygones, but that is a stunning development. the state that was given up as a loss for republicans, and he as a pariah for republicans even now, maybe not so. still coming to you from the democratic national convention where we are told barack obama will be making his way to this convention hall in about 20 minutes. he will be here, so probably hear bill clinton speak. a lot of the dignitaries are seated literally write about me. subroc obama will probably be right up there. we will probably have to play
9:41 pm
duval patrick much as i am going to surely with former dnc had. jason down, talk to him. this is a bonding moment. i'm very big on this. they want to talk to me. i'm sure some of them put up a different, but in the and it is a golden moment. for you at fox business, basic cable, is that wonderful? ♪
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
♪ neil: all right. that is scott carey. he will be making a big speech here tomorrow. a lot of expectation that this was barack obama returning the favor to john kerry. john kerry who really picked barack obama out of nowhere to make the keynote speech in the 2004 convention. many say he could be this president's next secretary of state. we will keep an eye on these. he is a former aide worker. going to listen to each and every story. one of them will be joining us later. plan that mitt romney is that all he is slated to be. they will explain about some of the hardships they endured. a minority of the community. they're loyal to met romney. a great boss. the company agreed was a great company.
9:45 pm
so these are there opinions, but we are going to be monitoring what they're saying and we will have one of them on later on. with me right now, the issue of what is fair, actually, los angeles. recognized by italy, right? >> well, i am a night of the italian -- the order started by st. george. neil: all right. >> mr. cavuto will be fine. i must tell you a full we go further that you are my brother favorite broadcaster. neil: he has an doesn't -- impeccable taste. in all seriousness, one of the things i do look at, and you spoke out and said, look. we do, the ridge among us, have an obligation to pay more. you were not afraid about it. you did not walk around. look. guys like you have done very,
9:46 pm
very well. you have done extremely well. there are many who are just as wealthy as you who say, well, wait a minute. i already -- we already give as a group quite a bit of money. how much more you want from us? what you think of that? >> well, i think it is too weak. the fact of the matter is that if a guy is making to million dollars a year and paying 2 million in taxes to compare in of a million. bella less-expensive yacht. it's absurd. we are in a time when that tax increase, by the opinions of a lot of very wealthy man in america, is the only way to go. a very good idea, and i am absolutely for it. neil: to you know what troubles me about a? but no. what troubles me about it is this. it is a slippery slope. that there is a wide gap within the 1 percent between guys like you who are very, very rich and then the lower end of that spectrum, maybe not so rich. they do pay the lion's share of the taxes anyway, nothing is
9:47 pm
said of the 50 plus percent of americans to pay no income tax. now, some of them genuinely might not be able to, but 50 percent. i mean come on. >> 50% should be paid? announcing a 50%. a tax is? no. neil: i'm sorry. [talking over each other] neil: what i'm asking. do you think it is fair to argue that the rich pay more when 50 percent pay no income taxes in this country and all. >> i do think it is fair. i don't think you should put it on that level. i think is just fair. rather than involve ourselves and the semantic distinction, let's just say what's fair is fair. people with more money should pay a little more. they don't have to give half of their income of, i'm not saying that, but they should pay more. neil: but you know what you're talking about. come on. >> well, i know what i'm talking about. neil: but listen. think of that.
9:48 pm
you're ignoring the half were not paying any income taxes and you're okay with that. >> among the poor or among the rich? >> no. 50 percent of us. >> reporter: 50% -- >> but people are paying income tax the people who are hiding their money where people who are very poor. so i don't know what exactly you mean by that. but i think it is an argument that is not necessarily going to be settled year. my opinion is rich people should pay more money. my other opinion, you should not get an old actor to come on and expresses vulgarity and is the ballot by putting a tariff cutting gesture and tour barack obama. that was extraordinarily poor taste. it was an egregious error, and you immediately, whoever put that idea in any one set should have been fired. neil: what are we talking about? >> quite a while. >> plenty stood.
9:49 pm
>> yes. i am the entire east would. neil: you don't think that he served his candid it well? >> so, not at all. i thought he was debased. [applause] neil: defeated the same thing here for barack obama you would say the same thing? >> his performance, take the politics out of it, was nasty, doddering, mean-spirited, and extremely ill-advised. he should stay home. he's old enough to stay home. neil: all right. i'm going to put you down as a fiat batiste with. >> oh, yeah. i guess you get it before the ball drops. a lot of people us that what you said. very good having you. thank you very much. >> thank you. take care. neil: be well. a lot of people said, you know,
9:50 pm
extremely -- extreme reactions. other saying it was brilliant. he knows. everyone has their view of that. the five -- the fine state of illinois. a very powerful, not feeling obligated to wear a tie with shows he has. [indiscernible] instantly. good to have you. >> thank you very much. good to be year. neil: i don't know how much you could hear, but the great actor was saying, the rich should pay more. you agree. >> well, i think you should pay according to your ability to pay. if the rich have more than i think the rich should pay more. i don't believe that rich this means that you ought to be gouged. i don't believe that you ought to be taken advantage of. neil: what is an acceptable rate for you? >> well, you know, things fluctuate and in terms of rate and who pays what. i think that when it comes to taxation we have to find a balance. i mean, i am very fortunate.
9:51 pm
i represent all classes of people in my congressional district. i have some very wealthy people in my congressional district. they own things like chewing gum companies. neil: that's true. >> baseball teams. and football teams. and banks and futures industries and all kinds of things. and they, many of them, are willing to pay what they consider a fair share of taxes. neil: but what is that, sir? should it be higher? >> well, i don't know that you necessarily always have a rate unless you determine and working out and determined what it is going to be. you know, we talk about this business of fairness. my daddy told me once, you know,
9:52 pm
fairness is and what people believe. if you ask a bird, is it fair for birds eat worms, you get one answer. ask the warm if it is fair for the bird to eat worms and you get another answer. and so even wealthy people don't all agree on exactly what rates should be paid, how much should be paid. and i think they rely upon the government to the real degree. neil: what worries me, sir, is this. we could argue about whether the rich pay more. i hear a lot more about hiking taxes on the rich and controlling spending. i don't know if that is resonating with respect,. >> i think that we can do both, as a matter of fact. neil: you guys have not said that. >> anybody thinks that efforts have not been made to up put a cap, to regulate, to scale back, to scale down, i have had young
9:53 pm
men come to me recently not knowing that they could not get prescription drugs on their medicaid benefits. neil: but you are all -- of the disproportionate. a democratic leader is speaking right now. he has said that there should be more toward revenue then they're should be spending cuts. do you agree? >> i think there is revenue generation. absolutely necessary. i don't think -- neil: can you generate revenue by providing more benefits? >> to generate revenue by making sure their is a continuing exchange of goods and services that people are buying and selling, have things to buy and fix to sell. i don't believe that you can restrict revenue generation and expect the economy to jump out of its doldrums. how'd you do that if you are
9:54 pm
constricting the exchange of money, of goods? nothing is happening, nothing is coming out, nothing is going in. i think that is the wrong thinking. i think it is the wrong policy, and i don't think it is good to stimulate the economy. neil: just since he started speaking the delegation that has just been gathering here. very good having you. thank you very much. neil: thank you. i think there are a lot of forms gathering in nine numbers. i hear that there is some concern about the number of people in the building, and i heard there were people saying, there may be changing of the news because they cannot fill them up. i get here, and we have to stand outside. because i am told the fire marshal had some concerns. neil: you have no idea and people don't ask you any questions which is very admirable. representative, thank you very, very much. more after this, getting ready for john kerry tomorrow night.
9:55 pm
the big night, as we just took a peek on the floor. bill clinton. this is his night, his chance to say he is for the president. we're told right now the barack obama is either in or close to this room, and that think he would be sitting up just about me. come on down. at love to talk to you. i see you there. i get that. the president. you know me. i am a mixer, socializing. just think of how i was with governor patrick. we bondage. i'm a blonder, not a hater. more after this. >> you were fantastic. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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intentional, just kind of late by the same attacks, but a lot of these guys, they come on my show and they say this is the most anti-business administration we can ever remember. >> a big opportunity at this convention, is to try to correct some of those impressions. neil: is a delay? >> let's face it, it's a very close election, there are still
10:00 pm
some undecided and one of the things that people want to know is exactly what the president will do to put more people back to work. the good news is he has a plan. it is of manufacture quite a while. neil: when he says he has a plan, he says lowe, trust me. the second for years, i'm really going to get ripping and boring. we gave him four years. how do you explain to people. >> the first thing people have to understand is how bad it was when he took office. neil: you mentioned bush, i think i will shoot myself if you mention him. >> the facts are, we have gained so many more jobs the last 29 months. efforts we were losing jobs. [talking over each other] [talking over each other]
10:01 pm
neil: are the polls showing that people don't feel that way. >> look, if you are underemployed, you don't feel that way, we have to do everything we possibly can to put more people back to work. we have made progress and we have a long way to go and the president understands that as well as anybody in. neil: i know everything about object these days, i know that term. what about reaching people at home? our people at home galvanized by what they think? >> that is what we are going to find out. one of the responsibilities for the people to come to this convention is when they do go home, make sure to talk one-on-one with a 10 with them. neil: governor, thank you very much neil: we are with jen waiting to hear from bill clinton. we talked about this in so many
10:02 pm
general terms for the governor just pointed out. a lot of people hearken back to the clinton years as the years of the job boom. a lot of it took off on the republican congress came in and up until then, there is no hope for that job boom. bill clinton really had to do this in a way that would get people's attention. and not to jar them. so that is something that bill clinton either got lucky with or did he just really do this and inspire this on his own? it really is one of the things they will debate ad nauseam. but it happened and the growth economic -- all that other stewardship -- actually the clinton thing could boomerang on this president, because a lot of people in this room will say, i remember that guy. bill clinton.
10:03 pm
and you are no bill clinton. governor, that is an issue that he raised. in comparison, it might work against this administration remap well, i think it well. because this is not the party of bill clinton. when i look at the lineup for this party, this is the far left wing of the democratic party that has been featured here. the party of john kennedy -- ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. this president stands at the opposite end of the spectrum. neil: it was a matter of survival. >> it was and he was pragmatic. he found a way to reach across the aisle is in a toxic environment. neil: do you think this president could be pragmatic? let's say he does win. that's something that you want to see. do you think he could? >> i would think that you would have seen that movement the last couple of years. but you don't. look at it this way.
10:04 pm
monday, the highest gas prices in america. tuesday, the national debt had $60 trillion. that is $200,000 for a family of four. we will wake up on friday morning in the unemployment rate is going to be over 8% for 43 months. the president, despite his efforts, has engaged in war tactics more tactics and regulations and more big government solutions. that is just not going to work. that is why the left policies don't work. they don't create job growth. what is happening in virginia and a bunch of other states, you see unemployment rates going down. this president, i just don't think he has it in him to be able to go to the center and put progrowth policies in place. neil: he thinks virginia is going to take virginia for the president again. but this conviction -- at the
10:05 pm
end of it, they are going to get out the undecided voter and say am i better off than i was four years ago. neil: you think that would be a slamdunk argument and the president would be losing by a mile. >> five months ago he was down eight points in virginia. today it is even. some polls have him up. i'm talking about mitt romney and virginia. a battleground state. i think the average voter is going to care about the college tuition going down for my family? no, it is going up. gas prices have doubled. i can't get my son or daughter went 23 million people don't have a job. it's not better for me so i'm going to take a chance and vote for mitt romney. the last four years, great speeches, a lot of great rhetoric.
10:06 pm
neil: the that something great when. >> i'm proud of my team and speaking last week at. neil: it is beautiful time on the floor right now. rock obama in the house. bill clinton soon to maybe bring down the house. we are going to hear bill clinton gave his speech and endorsing wholeheartedly president barack obama for reelection. just to give you some perspective, where we expect the president to be, i am right below you. if you turn around, right behind you i am on the front of the pennsylvania delegation on the floor. we expect the president to show up right up in the suite level,
10:07 pm
right above the barack obama sign. that is technically the first ladies suite. but we believe that is where the president will join the first lady. it is the only suite that is not operated by our news organization, but has lifetime. >> thank you. i think the obama's are here. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] we are waiting to hear from bill clinton. i think we will get it right now while she is here. carolyn maloney, congresswoman
10:08 pm
from the fine state of new york. congresswoman, good to have you. >> it is great to be here. neil: how do you think this convention is going? >> it is electric. you can feel the excitement we certainly make a lot more noise than the republicans. [talking over each other] there is more enthusiasm. >> you think it goes beyond this room? >> absolutely. all of the delegates represent their communities and they are representing the voices of the district for which they were reelected. the most diverse convention ever. neil: the gentleman we talked earlier about on the show, he was very nervous about the remarks.
10:09 pm
are there a lot of business people here? >> yes, there are a lot of business people here. >> infraction showed up at the republican one. i don't know if it's good or bad, but it just is. >> i think businesspeople are often working very hard and long hours. >> we do, too. neil: we are not antibusiness, and you are getting a rap from some of the business guys at the republican national convention. these democrats just want to stick it to us. >> i don't think it's true at all. my mother and father were small-business people. he cuts taxes on small businesses 18 different times on 18 different ways and i think that america is small-business. neil: why is he barely winning is winning at all. >> well, we are just beginning and i believe he will win these swing states.
10:10 pm
i believe in a two-party system. we are having a great american debate. we are going to be deciding the democratic platform and republican platform could not be more different. the differences are deep and strong in many areas. you just heard sandra fluke on women's issues. we are very far apart on that. far apart on. neil: do you think that clinton will hurt barack obama with his speech? >> all, not at all. we have a surplus to trillions of dollars in expected surplus to reduce the deficit.
10:11 pm
i like him very much and i think he was a great president. neil: congresswoman, it's always though i'm tempted to see it. >> we had eight years of experiments. president obama's policies are very similar to his. he wants a balanced approach and balancing the budget and investing and cutting and cutting revenues to help balance out. you get your own boxes for your stuff? >> you have to really -- you have to buy in bulk. but i think costco is a great story. neil: you could buy 5000 ounces of state, right. >> it's a great bargain of fruits and vegetables in a great store. at. neil: thank you very much, congresswoman. we are going to wait for bill
10:12 pm
clinton. it is getting loud, they are breaking down the house. fox business is in the house. get ready, it gets good right after this. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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this is a test
10:15 pm
neil: you might recognize the girl on the right. chelsea clinton. her dad is going to make a speech tonight that everyone has great anticipation for. [cheers]
10:16 pm
[applause] elizabeth warren, we are going to listen to elizabeth for just a moment. she is a big star at this convention. she is just going to take a little bit of this and we will move into the event. elizabeth warren, the items are here, the obama's are here, the first lady is here. >> i am elizabeth warren. this is my first democratic convention. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] i never thought i would run for the senate, from and i sure never dreamed that i would be
10:17 pm
the warm-up for president bill clinton. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] he is an amazing man who had the good sense to marry one of the coolest women on this planet. [cheers] [applause] i want to give a special shout out to the massachusetts delegation. i am counting on you to help me when i tell president obama wn. i am here tonight to talk about hard-working people. people who get up early, stay up late, cook dinner and help out with homework. people who can be counted on to help their kids, their parents, their neighbors, and the lady down the street whose car broke down. neil: we will monitor the speeches, as we do all of them. we are waiting for bill clinton, we can't ignore the guests because we don't want to do so at the convention.
10:18 pm
we will try to avoid it here as we did at the republican convention. we are very careful about this. we did cover the keynote address uninterrupted. in this case, michele obama, the first lady, we aired her address. mitt romney's address as well. we are trying to make sure that we are dead even on this, fair and balanced. but we do have a democratic party chairman who is nice not to come visit us right now. you are were looking at the delegation before, right? >> i lost at some point, and they are over there somewhere. [laughter] this is a great convention. you can deal the energy in the air. i think that democrats will come out of this convention energized and ready to reelect barack obama and joe biden. neil: the president and his wife are here, the vice president and
10:19 pm
his wife are here -- how important is it that you leave charlotte really passionate and really ignited and jazz. the rap against a lot of democrats is a key part of your base are not doubts. >> i don't think that's accurate. let me tell you that i am here as chairman of the party. i came and did a shift of door-to-door coverage two weeks ago. we went to charlotte, raleigh, north carolina, other places. we are really fired up. neil: single women, by and large, they are for the president, married women, not so much for the president. >> eat a child from greenwood, south carolina, a people said that barack started leading a
10:20 pm
chant, fired up and ready to go. it became a major calling card and charge for this campaign. as we move around this convention, young people, old people, black-and-white, i sent the same energy that we saw in denver in 2008. neil: would it not always be the case. if they are not fired up in real life is, they shouldn't be in a room like this. these folks will go out and carry this fire with them? >> estimate just committee will carry the fire with them. neil: some people think things are getting worse not better. it doesn't jive with the numbers. not the recession has been often, but a big boom recovery is not either. >> we can play the numbers game. neil: tepid growth. >> tepid growth lately. i am an old trial lawyer. let me put it in terms that most people can understand. the republican party was like a
10:21 pm
drunk driver the rim into my car and broke both of my legs. then because there were complications that were unforeseen, they are chiding and criticizing my orthopedist because he hasn't gotten bunch and me on my feet quick enough. neil: you guys would be doing the center of publicans if we were looking at this recovery. >> well, we would if the republicans -- with mitt romney we would be beating him. [laughter] i think the american people realize that barack obama is doing the best that anybody can under these circumstances. what we all hope is what the american people whole. we want a bipartisan, all of us, and effort on both sides to this move this country forward after january, and i would hope that the republican congress and the republicans in the senate, and the democrats in both houses reach out across the aisle and understand that if we don't do something is a country, we are dead. neil: do you look at this and
10:22 pm
what has been going on -- that actually the parties have never been more divided and never so full of life. >> absolutely the one that doesn't bode well. >> we have a couple of things. one, we all know that nobody takes any action on january 1, the tax cuts are repealed and the sequester begins. we will have budget cuts so dramatic that nobody can live with them and we will have tax increases so dramatic that nobody can live with those either. everyone believes with a gun to their head, both sides will come to the table and work something out. neil: in the meantime come they have to work for a solution towards the end of the year. another three months, keeping all the rates where they are going,. >> it is way above my pay grade. >> i just saw joe biden up in his suite. i was up there for 20 years. i knew him when he was a
10:23 pm
senator. he is a member of congress, and he has been a lot longer than he was vice president. he believes that there is goodwill in both parties to come together after this election. neil: do you really think so? >> yes he won you think he will look great in a texas tech? >> are you asking me? i think i'm not the standard for that. joe biden is a guy used to ride the train home everyday. he was a guy that went to the grocery store. a normal guy. there may not be that political filter, but i think he is an honest and good guide. neil: richard, thank you so much for it. so good of you to take the time. i will allow you to find that delegation now. ready for the bill clinton speech. we argue that the business argument as richard just pointed out, of a reelected president, and four more years, this demonstration will argue will be more productive because things
10:24 pm
are going in their direction. bill clinton is going to try to make the business point for that is a reminder what democratic presidents are capable of. but could his appearance at this convention actually boomerang and remind people here and millions watching on tv that this president is not that president. more after this hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
10:25 pm
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neil: welcome back. you are seeing joe biden and his wife, michelle obama on the other side. the president is in the building. they have something that says you really can't move much around here. elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts. others have blasted mitt romney for using the same phrase that she did, saying that corporations are not people. mitt romney saying that they are people that they are made up of people. and that they employ people. drawing a distinction, saying that they're not people. peter barnes is somewhere on the floor in the slop down. reporter: yes, we are in the
10:28 pm
back. near the back of the room on the fox news platform. the place is just packed. standing room only. we are told that barack obama and bill clinton are here. waiting for bill clinton's address for this very excited crowd. neil: i'm curious, you always hear about this relationship -- between bill clinton and barack obama. we think the president wants to hear tonight? reporter: a resounding endorsement, obviously, but if you want to get grin you will about it, where is barack obama's biggest problem in the reelection campaign? it is with white working males. the obama advisers believe that bill clinton from arkansas, who
10:29 pm
was enormously popular with white working males will help to convince them to release give barack obama a review and consider him for their vote. that is the strategy here and part of the strategy here tonight's. neil: all right, peter. thank you very much. we will get a lot of references to mitt romney and that private capital and more from the likes of elizabeth warren commented in a private capital, it certainly has its problems. corporations are not people. that is an argument that has gone here quite a bit. this gentleman come along with a couple of others, as a former bain capital worker, raised a different perspective. that it wasn't necessarily a good thing, and others who worked at bain capital, they are featured in this anti-bain capital video that was running. he worked for a company owned by bain capital. i should clarify.
10:30 pm
do you think mitt romney gets a pass on this whole bain capital thing? >> i think he should be criticized for the things that went wrong and he should be held accountable. neil: like what? >> like a job like losses. he loaded it up with debt. he beat himself up inside of the borrowed money to finance the acquisition. he had nothing at risk. he loaded the company up with additional debt. by the end of the decade, half a billion dollars worth of debt -- that company can survive. it was reckless management and the failure of the company that didn't need to fail. it was the loss of 750 jobs. they didn't need to happen. neil: do you blame him? >> i do blame him. neil: so you think we were on life support without it. that he would've died anyway. >> that is simply not true. the original managing for the company said that if they didn't produce the amount on the
10:31 pm
company, it could not survive and he would not stay around as the ceo of the company. i think the record is pretty clear. this was a product of bad decision-making. it is especially telling that a time when the country is focused on saving the solvency of social security and medicare, that. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] neil: you don't buy that he has created far more jobs and whatever was risk was private capital without taxpayer dollars as republicans have had with the president -- >> that simply wasn't true. when the company went bankrupt, the pension plan was taken over by the pbgc, the federal government, so romney and bain capital shoveled off a lot of that on the public. neil: all right, i do want to
10:32 pm
get you back again. david foster. antonio villaraigosa making the argument. he still thinks that the democratic approach is this approach. let's listen to the mayor a little bit. >> our next speaker will place before you that nomination. ♪ >> unemployment in june was the highest since march of 84. >> the u.s. economy has been in a recession. >> there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured with by what is right with america ♪
10:33 pm
♪ we have got to go beyond the brain-dead politics in washington and give our people the time and the government that works for them. we prove that we could find a way to balance the budget and protect our values. >> we have lots of proof that the american people if they give you the honor of serving, you should keep on doing it when you leave office. >> i set up this foundation so that i could pursue causes and still have an impact on as a private citizen. it is a results oriented foundation committee to taking on the world's biggest
10:34 pm
challenges. my life is a balance between for filling the initiatives i've always wanted and responding to the things that come up. everybody has a responsibility to fill. we all do better when we work together. >> he has helped to create a model for individual responsibility and collective action that all of us are going to be studying for a very long time. [cheers] [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please welcome president bill clinton. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:35 pm
♪ [cheers] [applause] [cheers] >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [cheers] [applause] >> thank you. thank you. now, mr. mayor, fellow democrats, we are here to nominate a president. [cheers] [applause] and i've got one in mind. [cheers]
10:36 pm
[applause] i want to nominate a man whose own life has known its fair share of adversity and uncertainty. i want to nominate a man who ran for president to change the course of an already weak economy and then just six weeks before his election, suffered the biggest collapse since the great depression. a man who stopped the slide into depression. he put us on the long road to recovery. knowing all the while that no matter how many jobs that he says are created, there will still be millions more waiting. worried about people trying to keep their hopes alive. i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. [cheers] [applause] but a man who burns for america on inside.
10:37 pm
[cheers] [laughter] i want a man who believes would no doubt that we can build a new american dream economy driven by innovation and creativity and education and yes, my cooperation. by the way, after last night, a man who had the good sense to marry michele obama. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. and i probably nominate him to be the standing bearer of the
10:38 pm
democratic party. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] in tampa, florida, a few days ago, we heard a lot of talk. about how the president and the democrats don't believe in enterprise and free initiative. how we want everybody to be dependent on the government. how badly are for the economy. this republican narrative, this alternative universe says that everyone of us in this room who amounts to anything, we are completely self-made. one of the greatest chairman of the democratic party ever had, bob strauss, said that every politician wanted every voter to believe that he was born in the log cabin and he built himself.
10:39 pm
[laughter] but he admitted that it's not so. we democrats, we think the country works better with a strong middle class with real opportunities for folks who work their way into it. with a relentless focus on the future and business and government actually working together to promote growth and broadly shared prosperity. you see, we believe that we are all in this together, it is a far better velocity than you're-on-your-own. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] so who is right?
10:40 pm
since 1961, the republicans have held the white house 28 years. the democrats 24. in those 52 years, our private economy has produced 66 million private sector jobs. so what is the job score? republicans, 24 million, democrats 42 million. [cheers] [applause] there is a reason for this. it turns out that advancing equal opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally right and good economics. why is that? because poverty, discrimination, and ignorance restrict growth.
10:41 pm
when you stifle human potential, when you do not invest in new ideas, it doesn't just cut off the people that are affected, it hurts us all. we know that investments in education and infrastructure and scientific research increase growth and good jobs and they create new wealth or all of the rest of us. [cheers] [applause] there is something that i have noticed lately that you probably have, too. it is this. maybe it is because i grew up in a different time. but though i often disagree with republicans, i actually never learned to hate them the way that the far right is to hate our president and a lot of other democrats. [cheers] [applause]
10:42 pm
that would be impossible for me. because president eisenhower sent federal troops to my state to integrate little rock central high school. president eisenhower built the interstate highway system. when i was a governor, i worked with president reagan and his white house with the first round of welfare reform and george h. w. bush on national education goals. i am actually very grateful, as you saw from the film, i have to be grateful. and you should be, too. president george h. w. bush support of a lot of people in poor countries. and i have been honored to work with with both president bush we
10:43 pm
be work together all the time with democrats, republicans, independents, sometimes i couldn't tell you who i am working with, because we focus on what is a good opportunity in not fighting all the time. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] so here's what i want to say to you. here is what i want the people at home to think about. when times are tough and people are frustrated and angry and hurting and uncertain, the politics of constant conflict may be good. but what is good politics does not necessarily work in the real world. what works in the real world is cooperation. [cheers] [applause] what works in the real world is cooperation. business and government, foundations and university. ask the mayor she were here.
10:44 pm
[cheers] [applause] los angeles is getting green and strip chicago is getting an infrastructure because republicans are working together. their purpose was to get something done. why does this operation of cooperation work better than constant conflict? because nobody is right all the time and a broken clock is right twice a day. every one of us, every one of us and every one of them, we are compelled to spend our fleeting lines between those two extremes. knowing that we are never going to be right all the time and hoping that we are more than right twice a day. unfortunately, the faction that now dominates the republican party does not see it that way.
10:45 pm
they think that government is always the enemy. they are always right and compromise as weakness. just in the last couple of elections, they defeated to distinguish republican senators because they dared to cooperate with democrats on issues important to the future of the country, even national security. a republican congressman holding the 100% voting record on every conservative score because he said that he realized he did not have to hate the president to disagree with him. they threw him out. that was a nonstarter. [applause] one of the main reasons that we ought to reelect president obama is that he is still committed to constructive cooperation. look at his record. he appointed republican secretary of defense, the army and transportation. he appointed a vice president
10:46 pm
ran against him in 2008. and he trusted that vice president to oversee the successful end of the war in iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. [cheers] [applause] joe biden -- joe biden did a great job with both. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] president obama appointed several members of his cabinet, even though they supported hillary in the primaries. he even appointed hillary. [cheers] [applause]
10:47 pm
[cheers] [applause] now, wait a minute. i am very proud of her. i am proud of the job that she and the national security team have done for americans. i am grateful that they have worked together to make us safer and stronger and to build a world with more partners and fewer enemies. i am grateful for the relationship of respect and partnership that she and the president have enjoyed in the signal that sends to the rest of the world that democracy does not have to be a blood sport. it can be an honorable enterprise in advance of the public-interest. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause]
10:48 pm
besides the national security team, i am very grateful to the men and women who serve our country in uniform through these perilous times. [cheers] [applause] i am especially grateful to michele obama and joe biden for supporting those military families while their loved ones are overseas. [cheers] [applause] and supporting our veterans when they came home and when they come home bearing the wounds of war. needing help to find education or jobs or housing. president obama school record on national security is a tribute to his strength and his judgment and to his preference for inclusion in partnership over partisanship. we need more of that in washington dc. [cheers]
10:49 pm
[applause] now, we all know that he also tried work with congressional republicans on health care, debt reduction and new jobs. that did not work out so well. [laughter] but it could've been because, as the senate republican leaders said, in a remarkable moment of candor, two full years before the election, their number-one priority was not to put america back to work. it was to put the president out of work. [cheers] [applause] wait a minute. senator, i hate to break it to you, but we are going to keep president obama on the job. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] are you ready for that?
10:50 pm
[cheers] [applause] wait a minute. [cheers] in tampa -- in tampa -- did you all watch the convention? i did. in tampa, the republican argument against presidents reelection was pretty simple. it was pretty snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mass. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in. [cheers] [applause] they looked good and they sounded good, they did it well.
10:51 pm
they convinced me that they all of their families and their children and we are grateful that they have been born in america. really, they did. [cheers] [applause] this is important. they convinced me that they were honorable people who believed what they said it will keep every commitment that they have made. we just have to make sure that the american people know what those commitments are. [cheers] [applause] because in order to look like an accessible, reasonable moderate alternative to president obama, they just didn't say very much about the ideas that have offered over the last two years. they could not. because they want to go back to the same old policies that got us in trouble in the first place. they want to cut taxes for high income americans, even more than president bush did. they want to get rid of those pesky financial regulations designed to prevent another crash and prohibit future
10:52 pm
bailouts for the want to increase spending $2 trillion more than the pentagon has requested. without saying what they will spend it on. they want to make enormous cuts to the rest of the budget, especially programs that help the middle class and children. as another president once said, there they go again. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] now, i like -- i like the argument for president obama's reelection a lot better. here it is. he inherited a deeply damaged economy. he put the long hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern, more well-balanced
10:53 pm
economy that will produce millions of new jobs, vibrant new businesses and lots of new wealth and innovation. now, are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than when he took office? [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] when president barack obama took office, the economy was in freefall, 9.4% of gdp, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. are we doing better than that today? the answer is yes. now, look, here is the challenge. the challenge he faces and the
10:54 pm
challenge that all of you support. i get it. i know it. i have been there. a lot of americans are still angry and frustrated about this economy. if you look at the numbers, you know things are beginning to lend again. in a lot of places, housing prices are beginning to pick up. but too many people do not feel it yet. i have the same thing happened in 1994 and early 1995. we could see that the policies were working. that the economy was growing. but most people did not feel it yet. thankfully, by 1996, the economy was warning and everybody felt it and we were halfway through the longest peacetime expansion in the history of the united states. but the difference this time is purely in the circumstances.
10:55 pm
president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me, now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessor was, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] now, but he has -- he has laid the foundation for a new modern successful economy. ensure prosperity, and if a few will renew the president's contract, you will feel it. you will feel it.
10:56 pm
folks, whether the american people believe what i said said or not, and maybe the whole election. i just wanted to know that i believe it. with all of my heart, i believe it. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] now, why do i believe that? i will tell you why. i believe it because president obama's approach embodies the values, ideas, and directions that america needs to take to build a 21st century version of the american dream. a nation of shared opportunities and responsibilities. shared prosperity and a shared sense of community. let's get back to the story. in 2010, as the president's recovery content recovery program kicked in come the job losses stop and things began to turn around. the recovery act were created
10:57 pm
millions of jobs and cut taxes. cut taxes for 95% of the american people in the last 29 months, our economy has about 4.5 million private sector jobs. [cheers] [applause] we could have done better, but last year the republicans blocked the presidents job plan. costing the economy more than a million new jobs. so here's another jobs score. president obama, plus 4.5 million. congressional republicans, zero. [cheers] [applause] during this. , more than 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created under president obama and that is the first time
10:58 pm
manufacturing jobs have increased since the 1990s. i will tell you something else. the auto industry restructuring work. it saved more than 1 million jobs and not just at gm, chrysler, and the dealerships. but in auto parts manufacturing all over the country. that is why even the automakers who want part of the deal supported it. they needed to save those parts suppliers, too. like i said, we are all in this together. there are now 250,000 more people working in the auto industry than the day that the companies were restructured. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] now, we all know that governor romney opposed the plan to save gm and chrysler.
10:59 pm
so here's another jobs score. are you listening in michigan and ohio and across the country? here is another jobs score. obama, 250,000, mitt romney, zero. now, the agreement the administration made with the management, labor and environmental group, that was a good deal, too. it will cut your gas prices in half. your gas bill. no matter what the price is, if you double the mileage of your car, your bill will be half of what it is. it will make us more energy independent and will cut greenhouse gas initiatives. according to several analyses over the next 20 years, it will bring the other half a million good new jobs into the american

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